Prayer Letter #4

Hi All,

We have had an amazing couple of months at Hope into Action. We:

  • recently opened our first female house
  • will open a further 2 more female houses this month (including our first house in Cambridge with C3 church). One lady was so overwhelmed by the offer of a decent house that she broke down and wept for five minutes.
  • These 2 houses will take us to 6 churches supporting 7 houses  supporting upto 20 formerly homeless people (including rough sleepers, those fleeing domestic violence, care leavers, ex addicts, ex-offenders) across Peterborough and Cambridge!!!

In the meantime – our work with existing tenants continues to inspire us.  While not all has gone brilliantly we have seen:

  • Formerly marginalised people settle into and retain jobs (50% of our tenants are now in some form of employment),
  • One tenant has given up a 12 yr cannabis habit,
  • Family relations restored: one is shortly to see a very close relative for the first time in 24 years. Do please pray for that as he is very anxious.
  •  We have also seen some (and their friends and families) attend Alpha, come to church, return to church, and make commitments in prayer.  One had a ‘miraculous’ healing on a back that had been damaged for years.
  • We also had 27 people, from churches across East Anglia, trained in mentoring ex-offenders.

So we remain excited: the good news is being preached to the poor in a holistic, professional long-term way: Christians are sharing their wealth to provide ‘the poor wanderer with shelter’ and churches are building relationships and welcoming vulnerable adults into their community.

We also have a further 3 investors ready to ‘share their wealth’ by purchasing houses for the homeless. So we are in discussions with 3 new churches who are considering whether they want to partner with us.

Lastly thanks to everyone who has supported us financially or in prayer over the past few months, it is greatly appreciated and needed. I hope you remain, like us, excited by what we are trying to do and our vision of churches everywhere giving the homeless a home.

There is so much more I could share, but here are some specific prayer points below:

  • We are finding we have more homeless people than we have houses, and more houses/investors than we have churches. So do please pray for more churches to partner with us, in serving some of the poorest in Peterborough and Cambridge.
  • Pray for wisdom as we seek to fill our female houses with appropriate people.
  • As we expand we will need more funds to continue supporting our clients in a professional manner. Please pray for Gods provision.
  • And most importantly:  pray that God would stretch out his hand to help re-build, heal and transform broken and needy lives through His grace, and the local churches supported by Hope into Action.

Thank You for your support on this exciting journey and God Bless