Prayer Letter #5

Hi and a Happy New Year,

Just thought  I would give a quick update on Hope into Action: we ended last year on a high, with 16 clients all doing well (including some giving up drug misuse), each supported by churches.

One of our clients was previously living on the streets, begging and, we were later to discover, maintaining a heroin habit of many years. Well he has been clean for over 10 weeks now and you can see the transformation in his face. Perhaps the combination of prayer, a home, support and liaising with the local drug agency has played a part.

As well as the good stories some have also struggled since Christmas but we continue to support them through the tough times as well.

We are in the process of buying 2 more houses which will take us to 9 houses in partnership with 9 churches – providing homes, prayer, relationships and support to the homeless  – I can barely believe it. Thanks to so many people who have made this possible through prayer and other means of support.

Finally if you want a picture of the church in unity try this: We recently opened a house

  • in partnership with an Anglican church,
  • bought by a Baptist,
  • painted by someone from an Elim church,
  • with furniture provided by a lady from a catholic church, and transported by people from Kingsgate church

Please continue to pray for us, for more transformation in our clients, and for a couple of key appointments to be made soon.


Our outcomes as at Christmas:

“Our aim is to see lives transformed, people healed and broken relationships restored. As a by-product of this will be outcomes that can be measured: 

  • % that maintain their tenancy, (So far over 86%)
  • % that do not commit crime, (so far over 91%)
  • % that volunteer (so far 22%)
  • % that get and maintain employment. (so far 41%)
  • % whose nuclear family relations have improved (so far 50%)”