Hope into Action nominated for 4 awards in October 2012

Quite amazingly, we have been nominated for no fewer than four awards at present. Amazing because we feel like Hope into Action, with 10 houses up and running or in the pipeline,  has hardly got going yet. And there is just SO much more to do! Nonetheless we are honoured to be considered, and we will keep you updated on what happens. The Awards are:

1.  Peterborough Evening Telegraph business awards (we are in the not for profit section). See

Homelessness charity awards

2. Inspire awards: Click here: Inspire Awards  This one is from the Evangelical Alliance. This is what the organizers say: “Every day at the Alliance, we hear great stories of how Christians and churches are being good news in their communities. So once again, we are joining forces with Inspire magazine to run the Inspire Awards 2012 and recognize some unsung heroes”. This is on 29th November.

3.  The Christian Initiative trust are making the Mustard Seed award. There have been over 300 applicants. The event is hosted by Premier radio and 60 church leaders will be there.

4.  Living Well award. Again, the organizers said this:  “I’m pleased to say you were nominated for a Living Well Award and the panel decided they would like to award you the Community Leader Award for realising your vision, founding Hope into Action and supporting some of the most vulnerable. They were especially impressed at your efforts to partner with multiple churches and to use an innovative model to help those in need.”