Women’s World Day of Prayer

Tomorrow I am talking on ‘Women’s World Day of Prayer’. Was there ever a man who treated women better than Jesus? Every female he encountered from the prostitute, to the rich man’s wife, to the ‘unclean’ bleeding women was respected, honoured, empowered or entrusted. The first to believe in Jesus? A woman – Elizabeth. The first missionary?  – a Samaritan women. The first to tell of an empty tomb? – Mary Magdalene – at a time when women’s testimony was worth ½ that of men  this was a risky tactic on which to found the Christian faith. Analyse also Jesus’ stories and parables: women were always heroines; the villains always men.

A fair, objective mind would agree: 4 books, written by 4 men, about a 5th man, in a male dominated society, 2000 yrs ago, packed with stories about women, without one derogatory comma against women is remarkable.

25% of women in our British society have suffered harassment or abuse  – those in Hope Into Action female houses have often suffered the worst kind. It seems that, as stories of harassment and femicide rattle our news feeds, we could all,  learn something from the attitude of a refugee, carpenter 2000 yrs old.

Ed Walker, Speaking at St Mary’s Church, Orton Waterville, Peterborough  – 1400 1st March.