Prayer Letter – September 2013

Hi there,

We are settling back after holidays and approaching this next term with excitement. On my first day back I met one of our new tenants:

He was delighted, excited, and determined to make a fresh go at his life. ‘It is so nice waking up and not being homeless’ he said. He was kicked out of home by his alcoholic mother at the age of 15 and hasn’t seen her since. His Dad was never around but interestingly, although he has coped without family all his life, he said to me ‘parents are really important you know….you really need them.’ Our prayer is the church and ourselves can be something of the missing family in his life.

Virtually all of our tenants have similar stories to this: it is their emotional poverty which has lead to their physical poverty (homelessness). Which is why it is so important we deal with both and the church is ideally suited to meet their emotional needs.

For us, as ever, there seems, to be lots going on. While I was away  – we opened our 10th house in Peterborough, –  10 churches in Peterborough are now supporting homes for the homeless (total of 24 beds) – I can scarcely believe it (!!)  – and 15th overall.  Its also great to be in partnership with St Marks church in Peterborough.

We also moved in a lady who has had experience of dreadful abuse, finished work on our 2nd house in Norwich, produced an annual report, ran stands in Greenbelt and West-point festival to name but a few.

Other things of interest:

Check out our new video on line. Our best attempt at showing why, how and what we do in 2 mins.

Click here for our latest annual report. It was an amazing year! We’ve had so many good stories, people giving up crime, turning away from drugs, getting jobs, had their faith strengthened, it has been such a pleasure to be involved with and we want to thank all of you for helping us with it (volunteering, praying, investing, donating).

Click here to sponsor Steve Attwell as he raises money for us by running the great Eastern Run.

Join Sue Walker (appropriate surname) and Gail Halley as they prayer walk around East Anglia this week (including Peterborough, Norwich, and Cambridge). (contact Sue on 07835713987)

Play in a golf tournament and raise money for us and water-aid! Contact Graham on

If you want to give to us regularly then click here

There is so much more I could share and stories of tenants getting jobs, moving on etc but we appreciate all the support you give us in Peterborough, Norwich, Nottingham, Cambridge and Swindon.

Massive thanks