April 2014 – newsletter

Do you believe that I am able to do this? – Matthew 9:28

As relevant today as two thousand years ago?

The Easter break was a way of focusing our minds on what happened 2000 years ago and how it is still relevant to our fast-paced, modern lives today. Who would have believed that two millennia after hanging on a cross anyone would still be talking about and following this penniless man? He never wrote any of his teachings down – yet now people in every country are reading and being influenced by his words. He gave hope to those who had lost hope then, now and will continue to do so.

Hope into Action gave a home to 65 homeless or vulnerable people in the year ending March 31st 2014 and currently have over 45 tenants sleeping in our houses. Each of our 22 homes are being supported by a church.  Homes for those coming out of rehab, vulnerable young people, women fleeing domestic violence, former addicts, street homeless, former prisoners and many more.

Since January we have opened 4 houses and in total have given 18 people a fresh  start. That is 18 fewer vulnerable people living on the streets thanks to your prayers, donations and investments

The new houses are in:

  • 2 in Peterborough including in partnership with the Cathedral,
  • 1in Lincoln with St Peters church and also 1 in Nottingham with Hope Nottingham. The latter house was bought by 12 people each investing £10,000: people coming together to share their wealth with those in need. Now two homeless people are off the streets as a result, that is an exciting return on their investment).

Jesus asked the above question (do you believe…?) to two blind men (Matthew 9). They answered ‘Yes, Lord’ and then received sight and spread news about him all over the region.  We sometimes wish the hurts and challenges of our tenants could be cured as quickly as Jesus cured their blindness….. however journeying with our tenants we love seeing and hearing positive news:

Becky’s story

During an abusive relationship her first 2 children were taken from her by social services and her mother comforted her by giving her, her first shot of heroin. She came to us an addict and grieving the loss of her adopted children and a later miscarriage – she is now clean from all drugs, gaining strength from Christians and a fledgling faith and said to us ‘I simply couldn’t have done this without you.

John’s story

John last heard from his mother 6 years ago when he came back from school to find a note outside his house saying she had left him and gone to Wales with her latest partner. His father is an alcoholic. Homeless, he came to us and we have given him a home and he has formed a mentoring relationship with 2 retired women from church who are building him up with love he has lacked. He said recently: ‘Hope into Action has saved my life.’ Do pray for him as he tries to start a new life.

An Invitation to our Service of Thanks Giving

If you want to hear more then why not come to our service on 8th June 2014 at Bretton Baptist church, Peterborough. We will be sharing the stories of some of our tenants and also hearing from inspirational speaker and former prisoner John Finny Finlinson. He is an excellent guy and brilliant speaker. Read more…

Thank you for your continued support and prayers

We thank you for taking the time to read this email. If you would like to donate to Hope into Action so that we can continue to grow and offer hope to more homeless people please click here.

Please think of our tenants and the work we are doing at Hope into Action in your prayers.

God bless

The Hope into Action Team.

About us

Hope into Action was started by people who believe that the local church can have a vital role to play in helping the homeless and vulnerable to make a fresh start.