Your thoughts and photos from the Big Sleep Out

big-sleep-out-pic-3“On Saturday morning I woke up with a greater understanding and huge sympathy for all those who do this night after night. It was freezing, scary and very lonely in the middle of the night and our experience was tiny compared to what homeless people go through every day.”

“I now realise how much I take for granted in my comfortable life. It made me think of those who have to sleep in doorways and under bridges night after night.”


“Homeless is an isolating and destructive experience and homeless people are some of the most valuable and socially excluded people in our society. We are humbled that so many people would sleep out in the cold to raise money for the homeless.”

“Listening to Rob’s story about how he had spent twenty years living on the streets and how he has now turned his life around with help from Hope into Action was very emotional. Thank you to Hope into Action for letting me sleep out and be part of a very special event.”


“Roll on next year!”

“It was cold, fun and exciting. It was good to know we were helping the homeless.” Annabella aged 9.