Celebrating our sixth home in Norwich

norwich sixthThis week we welcomed the first tenant to our sixth house in Norwich. He has a lot of support behind him, including a solid friendship & support group. It was a delight to see them welcome him into the house this morning. He was baptised in April this year, and is keen to get involved in a local church. He is very excited to have the opportunity which HIA offer. Please pray that he makes the most of it and that God will strengthen him when he faces challenges. Pray he won’t be lonely as he is currently the only tenant in the house.

Opening our sixth home in Norwich means we are able to make a real difference to the lives of even more homeless people in the city. The growth of Hope into Action has been staggering, this month we plan to open our 30th Hope into Action house.” Commented Ed Walker, Executive Director of Hope into Action.

Please pray for Norwich staff as we continue to assess referrals for the second place in the house.