Sally’s Story

Sally (name changed due to confidentiality) came to Hope into Action straight from residential rehabilitation. She had suffered from alcoholism, anxiety and depression for many years and there were no other housing alternatives open to her due to arrears and previous evictions.

Sally continued to access counselling and group work at the rehab and was also a weekly AA attendee. She became a reliable confidante and inspiration for other suffers also volunteering at the Church toddler group and local dementia care café (Sally’s parents are both dementia sufferers so she had first hand experience).

Sally engaged with the church volunteers, went on walks with one and regularly met another for coffee and conversation.

Sally attended the first national HIA conference in Feb in Peterborough and won an award for her progress.

She lapsed once whilst at the property, but through honesty, trust and relationship, she was able to get herself back on track.

She is now over 1 year dry and left us to move into independent living last month. As she moved out, she gave her HIA a present of 2 coffee cups to remind her of their countless hot drinks and support sessions! She also wrote a card which included: “There are not enough words in the English Dictionary to accurately say how much I appreciate you.”

This is what drives the staff, volunteers and heart of Hope into Action.