Stop and Pray: Offering a safe home and hope.


We are really thrilled here in Peterborough, to have moved in 2 young women, one into a shared house, and the other into a family home, together with her 6 children!


What is so thrilling is that they have both settled in really quickly and are really making their places feel like home. The mum has been a victim of domestic violence, and has been housed with support from a local church, which is amazing! It has also been an opportunity to build a bridge with the Housing Needs department at Peterborough City Council, as we decided to see if they had a desperate family on their books, and they were overjoyed to be able to find a large enough house for this family.


The other tenant has engaged really well with church volunteers and came along to the Celebrate Recovery life group at the church. It was a joy to be there with her, as she took her first baby steps toward faith in Jesus. She has had no contact with Christianity before and found it quite touching that people cared so much about her that they would pray for her personally. There were 3 other tenants there, and they are all thinking of starting the Alpha course next week. So praise God!