Hope into Action interviewed in the ‘The Times’ On Saturday 2nd April about how churches are helping to house refugees.


Churches across the land are responding to the refugee crisis by forming social enterprises to help people settle in Britain by Damian Arnold


….Another faith-based social enterprise, Hope into Action, which encourages church communities to buy houses for refugees to live in, is also scaling up. Ed Walker, the founder, says; “we encourage people to share their money with the poor investing in a house for a small annual return of 2 percent. I would argue there is no better return.” Many investors group together to buy the house outright and lease it to the charity.

After buying the first property four and a half years ago, Walker now has 36 houses in 20 cities all over Britain. Many churches want to get involved.

Once people are granted asylum, they have 28 days to leave the accommodation provided by the Home Office and find private rented housing. Without a deposit and other credentials, this can be very difficult for them. The church run homes give the refugees a comfortable environment with a sympathetic community to offer support. “The root cause of most of our tenants’ issues is relational,” he says. “What they need is friendship and love.”


The full article can be found on the Times website