About Us

Hope into Action is an award-winning charity set up to enable churches to fight homelessness initially in Peterborough, now across the country. Our dream is to change the lives of the most disadvantaged in our society by finding them homes rather than a bed for the night.

We also offer them professional support, as well as linking them with local mentors who help them become positive members of society again. Our model moves away from placing tenants into state funded hostels and into good quality accommodation with links to the local community.

We currently provide homes for people with multiple issues including those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, those fleeing domestic violence, street sleepers and those leaving prison. We currently have 60 tenants living in 38 houses in 12 cities, but we want to do so much more.

Our vision is for every church to support at least two people in a vulnerable situation (eg ex-offenders or homeless), in suitable and quality accommodation. It will achieve this by outworking the charity’s mission: ‘to mobilise, unite, and unleash the latent Christian prayer, resources and skills’ on people in vulnerable situations in our country.

We provide the technical expertise: purchasing, investing, renting, tenancies, professional, excellent support to the client. This frees the church from those tasks and enables it to concentrate on what the church does best:

  • Pray for the tenants
  • Build genuine relationships
  • Welcome them into the local community
  • Provide practical support (everything from sofas, to work experience, to a cup of tea and a ‘natter/ chat’.)
  • Volunteer/mentor

This unique combination of expertise and church support achieves professional excellence alongside community outreach and prayerClick here to find out more.

Safeguarding and Complaints Policies

At Hope into Action we take safeguarding of tenants, staff and volunteers very seriously. To view our latest safeguarding and complaints policies please click below:

Child Protection Policy

Complaints Policy

Safeguarding Adults at Risk

Isaiah 58, Is not this the kind of activity I have chosen … to provide the poor wanderer with shelter.