Our houses

Our houses aim to reflect how much we think people are worth. We therefore aim for absolute quality in our houses


This is how we try and reflect that:

  • We try and provide all our tenants with 2 rooms for their exclusive use ie we give them a bedroom and a lounge. This, we believe, makes it feel much more like a home than a bedsit.
  • We provide gardens. All of our houses, to date, have a decent sized garden.
  • We always try and buy in a decent area of the community away from negative influences.
  • We provide quality kitchens and bathrooms – with brand new fridges and appliances etc

We have seen that providing the above quality actually builds their self-esteem and sense of self worth. We have had grown men cry when they see the fridge and one female tenant  broke down in tears of gratitude.  We like to think, in a tiny way, this reflects something of Christ’s desire to give life in abundance!