Stories from those involved with Hope into Action

Mubarak’s Story

MMPlamma-112I escaped my beloved home country, Sudan. when my village was destroyed by the Janjaweed in 2014. The journey e UK was long, lonely and absolutely terrifying. I left Darfur on 28 August 2014 and fled through Egypt, before crossing the Mediterranean Sea in a small, overcrowded boat full of complete strangers. I didn’t know anyone; I was completely alone and scared. Read more..


The Church Leader’s Story

IsleofWightSoupheathWhy should Churches partner with Hope into Action?

We got involved with Hope into Action when one of our members discovered it and would not stop badgering me until I looked at the website and the leaflets.

BAM! It was one of those God instances. Ed Walker and I have a similar background in housing. We’re both passionate about the potential for a social action organisation to be a fresh expression of God’s love. In short, Ed’s organisation scratched an itch I’d had for a long time. Read more









From Inmate to Housemate

inate1When I was released from prison, some member of the church met me at the gates and took me to the house. No-one had ever done that for me before and it made me feel a bit less anxious. I felt like someone actually cared about what happened to me.

We arrived at the Hope into Action house and I was told that it would be my home. The house itself was so lovely. It was clean and had everything I would need. People from the church had pitched in to help furnish the house, so I had a bed to sleep on, a sofa to sit on and a table to eat at. I was surprised that people who I’d never met had obviously put in so much effort to make it feel homely for me. Read more..