The Big Sleep In


Would your school like to run a Big Sleep In event and raise awareness and money for the homeless?

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The Big Sleep In is an event which your school can run where children can explore the issues of homelessness in a fun, safe and age-appropriate environment. Children spend one night in their school hall in decorated cardboard boxes or sleeping bags. Of course it is not the full ‘homeless experience’ but it gives the children a chance to imagine what 2200 people in England face every night. It provides an opportunity for Hope into Action to highlight some of the struggles our homeless have to face and gives the children a chance to think about what sleeping rough on the streets might be like.

If your school would like to hold a Big Sleep In then email or call us on 01733 558301 to find out more.

Congratulations to Longthorpe Primary school Peterborough for raising over £2,700 from their Big Sleep In.







 One Night Sleeping Rough