Part of our mission is to mobilise, unite and utilise latent skills and talents to support the homeless and vulnerable.



Hope into Action enables churches to house the homeless. This year we are opening a further 14 homes, 3 of which will be opened in or near Peterborough. We have always been an organization that places value on volunteers and this could be a great opportunity for you. We believe there may potentially be a lot of volunteers based in the churches of Peterborough. So if you:

  • Think you have skills and experience and time to offer we would love to hear from you.
  • Are you retired with time, skills and energy to offer? Or recently out of school, college or University? Or looking for a career break/change? Then we would love you to consider giving us some of your time to help us serve the churches.
  • Or anyone else with a passion for the poor – then we would love to hear from you.

Here are some of the things you may be able to help with:

  • Houses and health and safety and inspecting our homes on a monthly basis.
  • Administration, proof reading and writing letters.
  • Taking minutes.
  • Spread-sheets, numbers and data entry.
  • Other forms of administration or working on a tenant library?
  • Social media?
  • Or maybe you are young or returning to work and looking to get into this sector? We would love to hear from you and might be able to give you that opportunity to gain some experience over a range of areas?

We value and manage all volunteers carefully and hope you will fit into the relaxed but committed culture and atmosphere of our office. We treat you as if you were a staff member and will induct you and support you in your role.

If any of this interests you then fill out a quick application form. Please return this to

Click here for application form:

APPLICATION FORM volunteers 170129


Friendship and Support Groups.

Each partner church sets up a Friendship and Support Group which is usually made up of between five and seven members of the church community and overseen by a coordinator. The coordinator is managed by someone in church leadership. Each tenant is assigned two or three befrienders and there may be others in the team who are more focused on serving through administration, prayer or house maintenance. The type of tasks which befrienders do include:

  • Organising team meetings
  • Liaising between the wider church, Hope into Action and tenants
  • House set up including furnishing and tenant packs
  • Small maintenance and gardening jobs
  • Being ‘friends with purpose’ – mentoring an befriending tenants
  • Responding to needs
  • Be part of the prayer team
  • Respond to prayer requests
  • Maintain church interest

Every church we work with offers 4-7 people prepared to volunteer to support the house. We offer that group accredited training in mentoring and coaching and support them through out the process of coaching our tenants.

In addition we need a variety of other volunteers…

We need a huge and varied range of skills / talents: those with people skills, finance skills, maintenance skills, leadership skills, administration skills, spiritual gifts, HR skills, legal skills, fixing-broken-household-appliance skills, fundraising skills, business development skills, banking and investment skills, governance skills, training skills. You name it we will need it.  If you think you have some skills / talents / passions that you might be able to offer then we would love to hear from you.


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