Isle of Wight

Whilst the Isle of Wight is known as a sunny holiday destination & the great music festivals, behind the rosy facade & sunny beaches lies a huge homelessness problem. With a distinct shortage of social housing, cramped living conditions for lots of family living in private rented accommodation. There are currently 375 households in temporary housing provision, more than 20 people living rough each night & many more hidden homeless who are sofa surfing this is estimated at around 350 people! The Isle of Wight has a population of just 130,000 so this equates as nearly 1% of people living displaced.

There are particular difficulties being an Island that access to services can be limited, sometimes requiring travel to the mainland. Aspire Ryde, with their hope house project are working with a number of services to provide safe places for people to stay & receive the help they need to progress to being able to sustain their own tenancy. We work with a number of direct access housing providers as a credible resource to underpin life skills & help individuals transform their chances to sustain their own tenancy in the future.





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